Freedom comes at a price . . . always!
The EXODUS Series
1. Leaving Home
2. Reprisal
3. Moonbreak
4. Ragtags
5. Sandrats of Azaa (Book 5 on sale in April)
A great read for Teens & Young Adults

​Book 5 on Sale NOW!​

Book 5 on Sale NOW!
Book 4 on Sale NOW!
Book 3 on Sale NOW!
Book 2 on Sale NOW!
Book 1 on Sale Now
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Deep in the gorge Emperor Chin-Yau’s prisoners, Stret and Haruko, sit on top of their hanging cage and contemplate their next move. Having just overcome one obstacle to freedom they realize they are still thousands of feet above the bottom of the gorge with no way down.


In a failed rescue attempt of Ying-Tai’s crew, Alan, Naomi, George, Pini, and the few surviving Sandriders barely escape annihilation by Emperor Chin-Yau’s forces and flee back to the Sandrider’s stronghold only to face the realization that 200,000 of their family, friends, and former crewmembers are still held captive in Korzaan and time is running out.


With Ying-Tai’s death and the triumphant capture of her ragtag crew, Miah returns to Emperor Chin-Yau with his long sought for prisoners.


But, Ying-Tai is not dead … yet.


With a bullet hole through the chest and after nearly being eaten by some fierce alien creature, Ying-Tai finds herself stranded in an alien jungle. As her biowired capacity to survive grows weaker and her body nears complete exhaustion she must find a way out of the jungle, help her captive friends, and face Miah.


Be glad … Ying-Tai’s coming!




Now nothing more than a derelict drifting through Altair’s system and headed for deep space, the ark is an abandoned wreck. But, who wrecked it and why? And where are the thousands of passengers?


From the deck of the Arkian raft Ying-Tai and her friends watch helplessly as their only hope for survival sinks below their new home’s sand sea. Alongside the survivors of the ark she and her crew now find themselves stranded on the third planet of Altair’s system. Somehow she must persuade the Arkians to form an alliance and join her crew to help find their kidnapped friends, Boog and Doc, and the precious yellow pills before Ying-Tai and her friends become a banquet for the Moon Mite parasites dormant within each of their bodies.


The supposed new home planet in the Altair system is full of surprises for the new arrivals. Their strange new home has static charged deserts that behave like seas and skies filled with bubble-like masses of water. And that’s just for starters. The inhabitants of their new home are far more menacing.


Freedom comes at a price …





2046 AD

The Enlightened League of Nations is rocked with internal conflict. Riddled with corruption, espionage, and internal squabbles, the League is fast approaching its demise. Greedy factions within the League seek to overthrow the status-quo. In this state of constant upheaval a plague of assassins sweeps the world.


Ying-Tai, a biowired super assassin, has just put the final stake in the heart of the decaying League when she is caught and sent to hell off Earth. Few places can compare with the misery and hopelessness of those who slave for the Enlightened League of Nations in the Moon’s mines. Sentenced to The Hole, Ying-Tai meets an unlikely group of misfit prisoners and the mine’s oldest inhabitant.


James Morstyn, forced into accepting a life prolonging procedure, has slaved within the depths of the cold dark Moon Mine #9 since his failure to prevent the Freemen from escaping. He will live out the centuries in this miserable hell, slaving for the greater glory of the League.


But the new prisoner has other plans.

   Hell …
   it isn’t hot …
   …it’s very cold.


1.2 trillion miles from Earth
Deep in interstellar space the massive ark continues its long exodus. When the super assassin, Miah, nearly kills two of her cellmates her nemesis, Daalyn, is summoned to the ark’s brig where she has been held for the past two years. He abandons hope that she can be rehabilitated and sets a date for her execution.


For almost fifteen years the passengers of the ark have enjoyed relative peace and safety, but now demonstrations have broken out and two kids, Alan Black and Naomi Corb, realize many of their generation have forgotten the purpose for the exodus and not everyone is loyal to the Freemen. During an excursion to the bow of the ark they make a discovery that may destroy the exodus and plunge the ark into civil war.


When the Ark Council, led by the visionary Elias Bell, announces a hundred billion mile detour and a year long mining expedition to a small planetoid, a charismatic leader arises to challenge his authority. Elias must persuade the ark passengers of the crucial nature of their voyage or be removed from office. Along with the indispensable Terrence Black, David Corb, and their two kids, Elias must battle overwhelming odds and…Miah’s reincarnation. But he’s running out of time!


Cunning…mad…out of control…
Miah’s back!


Ttyranny threatens to flood the Earth. Only a group of resistance fighters, called Freemen, can save humanity.


Psychopath, James Morstyn, newly appointed head of the Enlightened League of Nation’s, Compliance Army, has discovered mysterious documents. With the assistance of Miah, his biowired juggernaut spy, he sets out determined to find their origin while annihilating the last vestiges of resistance to the new global rule and destroying mankind’s last hope for freedom.


Outlaws to the Enlightened League of Nations (ELN), David and Cindy Corb must escape the League’s murderous compliance patrols on Earth and find a way to join the Freemen or die trying.


The Freemen prepare a last desperate refuge for a people being systematically enslaved or killed by the blossoming evil of the ELN. Thousands flock to their ranks hoping to avoid certain misery and death. But the Freemen are running out of time as Morstyn prepares to destroy them all in a last battle for freedom.


In the tradition of great science fiction space operas, Exodus: Leaving Home, is the first book in an epic sci-fi thriller series that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat until the last page.



Miah's coming.

Praise for Exodus

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I couldn't put it down, Review
This is one of the best books that the market has had in a while. Glad I stumbled across it. Review

...This book is an intense Sci-fi thriller revealing the strength of the Human spirit and the willingness of those who will sacrifice everything even their own lives if necessary with the hope a few will survive one last desperate attempt to Escape Tyranny and...MIAH Review

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